Chocolate self 

A rich, chocolaty brown over entire body and extending well down the hair shaft. Undercolor is to be dove-grey. 
Eye colour - Brown


Chocolate otter 

The surface color of the head, outside of ears, front of fore legs, outside of hind legs, top and sides of the body are to be the surface  and Undercolor as described in the respective self varieties.  The chocolate otters will have orange markings and ticking colour,
The belly, nostrils, eye circles, jowls, underside of the tail, inside of the ears, back of the for legs and the inside of the hide legs are to be creamy white, highlighted by orange or fawn markings as it meets the self colour of the body.
The Undercolor of the belly is to be grey.  
The triangle and colour is to be orange or fawn.
Prominent orange or fawn ticking is to be evenly 
distributed around the chest, sides, and the lower hindquarters,

Eye colour